Google Messages May Soon Be Auto-deleting OTPs After 24 Hours

Google Messages is one of the widely used messaging apps on Android smartphones as it comes pre-installed on a number of devices. Earlier this year, even Xiaomi dropped its own messaging app in favor of Google’s own on the global variants of its handsets.

This app is simple and does not offer extra functionalities like the stock messaging app found in different OEM skins. But not anymore, as the search giant is working on a very useful feature, which is currently not found in any messaging app (as far as we know).

Google Messages

OTPs or One Time Passwords have become common these days. Currently, almost all apps and services use them for authentication. Hene, our inboxes are filled with them.

Therefore, one needs to dedicate time to trash the unwanted OTPs that are usually only valid for 10 minutes and are of no use thereafter. Thankfully, according to an APK teardown by XDA Developers, Google Messages is working on to delete these OTP messages automatically after 24 hours.

That means you will no longer have to spend time deleting these text messages manually. Also, it is worth noting that this feature will be optional when it goes live. Anyway, who would disable it?

If this works well, then we certainly expect other messaging apps to implement this functionality.

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