Android 11 Go Edition Goes Live For Devices With 2GB RAM And Less

Earlier this week, Google officially released the stable build of Android 11 arrived and now, its (Go edition) alternative has also arrive. Android 11 (Go edition) is designed for phone with up to 2GB RAM, which means it will come loaded on entry-level devices.

We expected some older devices running on Android 10 (Go edition) to get the new update though we don’t have the exact list for now.

Android 11 Go Edition

Android 11 (Go edition) Goes Live

Some of Android 11’s key features are also available in the new Go edition such as grouped notifications for chat apps and one-time permissions for camera, microphone and location.

According to Google, the new Go edition promises faster launching of apps up to 20 percent and will have a swipe-based gesture navigation system. Another new addition is Safe Folders which lets you protect sensitive files with a 4-digit PIN inside the Google Files app.

The Android Go platform now caters for more than 100 million users around the world with specific enhancements for local markets and their needs.


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