Due to growing Anti-China sentiments in India and the sudden concern over data privacy, Samsung has decided to introduce a new private mode called AltZLife to its Galaxy devices in the country.  Samsung has rolled out this new system-wide private mode to Galaxy A71 and A51 smartphone.

So, what is AltZMode and how to use it? Find out everything about it right here in this article.

Samsung Launches AltZLife: A System-Wide Privacy

Samsung AltZlife

According to Samsung, the all-new AltZLife is a feature that is designed for users who are looking for greater privacy on their devices.

This new privacy mode offers two different features namely Quick Switch and Content Suggestions. The former allows you to separate your digital and private life with a tap of the button. You can easily do so by using this new AltZLife mode. For instance, you can keep your normal Gallery and your private Gallery separate. The same goes for other applications such as WhatsApp.

Switching between the regular and private mode is quite easy and can be done by double-tapping the power button. The second feature is the Content Suggestions which his an AI-based app inside the already present Secure Folder. The feature automatically suggests users move their private images to the Secure Folder using an AI-powered engine. You can mark either specific faces or specific types of images. Once the initial setup completes up, the AI engine will identify similar images from the gallery.


More Samsung Galaxy Devices May Get The Feature Soon!

As earlier mentioned, Samsung is presently rolling out this feature to two Galaxy A devices namely Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. Furthermore, it looks like this new feature is exclusive to the Indian market. This is not the first time we’re hearing about the company bringing ‘Make in India’ AI-based features. The Korean giant has already released a Multilingual keyboard, Smart Crop, useful cards, and finder.

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With that said, it would be interesting to see whether this new AltZLife feature will make its way to other Galaxy smartphones. If that does, we will make sure to keep our readers updated. For now, the supported device users should go ahead and update your smartphone to enjoy the all-new AltZLife private mode. Another thing to note here is the fact that how well the users receive this feature.




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