How To Run Android Apps On Windows 10 PC

It is really great and interesting to have direct access to your Android apps from your personal computer. There are times when we do not want to stand up from our work desk but need to respond to some apps on the phone. A new update rolling out to Your Phone app lately makes it possible to access certain Android apps on your Windows 10 device. Microsoft is currently rolling out this update to the public.

Your Phone App Now Runs Apps Without Your Samsung Phone

With this update, you can pin Android apps to the Taskbar or Start menu on your Windows 10 PC. This way, you have fast and easy access to your favorite apps. Multitasking becomes easier when you can access phone apps on a larger desktop or laptop screen. This update is already out for users, however, only Samsung Galaxy phones can access it for now. See the full list of supported phones on Microsoft’s support site.

Requirement To Run Android Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

  • For starters, you will need a PC with Windows 10 system and the update level must be October 2019 or later. To check the Windows version on your PC, go to Settings > Updates & Security > Check for update.
  • Secondly, you need to have the latest version of Your Phone app. Make sure you link the app to Windows.
  • Thirdly, your smartphone needs to be running Android 9 or higher.
  • Finally, your phone and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network for the feature to work.

Microsoft Your Phone App.

How To Run Android Apps On Your Windows 10 PC

If everything is in place, you will be able to open your Android apps on your desktop. To do this, click the apps shortcut. You will find this in the menu on the left of the display. After clicking the shortcut, you will find a comprehensive list of the apps on your phone. Simply click on the app you want to access. However, it is important to note that there are some apps that will not work with your mouse or keyboard. To get some tips on how to have a seamless interaction with your mobile apps on your desktop using the mouse and keyboard, click here.

And here are a few more tips for interacting with

  • A single click will behave the same as any single touch/tap interaction.
  • A right-click anywhere on your phone screen to navigate to the previous page.
  • Click and hold will behave the same as a tap/hold interaction.
  • Click and hold and drag to select content.
  • Mouse scroll to move between pages vertically or horizontally.

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