Ever since the advent of punch-holes, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S10+; developers have been playing around and experimenting with them, trying to bring out something even more meaningful and useful for the consumers. One of the  favorites of many users is the Energy Ring application, as the name suggests the application puts a ring around the hole-punch to represent the smartphone’s battery level.

Due to the diverse display dimensions and aspect ratios varying with different phones; the developer has now updated the application for the OnePlus Nord. So Here’s How to Change the Nord’s Punch-Hole to Battery Indicator.

A few of the app’s interesting features include: the ability to change the ring’s thickness, configurable ring direction, ability to choose from a variety of colors, and a fun animation when your device is plugged into a power source.

Additionally, the developer claims that the application puts almost 0 load on the CPU and rarely drains the battery. Some of the animations and features are only available via an in-app purchase, and their several tiers are available, with the cheapest plan costing $2.49. The app also allows one to preview all of these animations and effects before you buy them.

OnePlus Nord Puch-hole indicator

How To Change The Punch-Hole On OnePlus Nord To Battery Indicator

1: Download and Install: the Energy Ring: General Edition from the Google Play Store then

2: Launch the application, grant the permissions and toggle the switch on from the top right corner.

3: Now, under the Ring Thickness Menu, drag the slider and adjust the ring’s thickness.

4: You’ll also find options to change the charging animation from a drop-down list containing more than 10 options. Additionally, if you would like to adjust the colours, that can be done as well by scrolling to the end and adjusting it via the sliders.

OnePlus Nord Specifications

To recall, the OnePlus Nord boasts the Snapdragon 765G SoC and ensures seamless 5G connectivity. This chipset is paired with 6GB, 8GB, and even 12GB of RAM.

The Nord flaunts a gorgeous 6.44-inch AMOLED display covered with Gorilla Glass 5 coating. It’s an FHD+ panel with a 90Hz refresh rate. The OnePlus Nord does not have a single punch-hole selfie, but a pill-shaped combo. It combines a 32MP sensor (Sony IMX616) with an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera with a 105-degrees lens.

For a quick comparison, the OnePlus 8 family has 16MP sensors with 1.0um pixels. The OnePlus Nord draws power from a 4,115mAh battery. That’s on par with current flagships, and the company even provides a Warp Charge 30T charger in the box.

Checkout the full specs of the OnePlus Nord here.



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