Huawei recently participated at the China Information Technology Summit 2020 where the company’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong (Richard Yu) disclosed a few details about the company’s future plans. One of them is in relation with the tech giant’s independent operating system – HarmonyOS. The CEO has unveiled a new set of logos for the operating system.

HarmonyOS logo unveiled

One of the new logos is for the Chinese version of the operating system while the second one is for the global version with some notable differences between the two. The logo of the Global version is composed of dots and lines, while the Chinese version is composed of dots of different sizes. The overall design is simple.

Huawei took a major step towards reducing its reliance on other companies after the US ban with the launch of its own operating system, dubbed as HarmonyOS. The company is now planning to expand the usage with the expected release of HarmonyOS 2.0 which will be utilised on wearables, PCs, and cars. It is just fitting that the company design a recognised logo that would be used to identify products running the OS. Also, the use of two different logos for the Chinese and global versions is a good move which would allow users to differentiate the two.

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