Back in April, Google’s Phone (dialer) app was introduced to more non-Google devices. Accordiing to Android Police, more smartphone brands can now download the Phone app. The app works on both Samsung and OnePlus devices as Android Police has pointed out. We can corroborate that it works on the OnePlus 8 Pro.

How To Install The Google Phone On Your Smartphone

I was able to install it by enrolling to the App’s Beta program through this link on a computer, and then downloading the app via the Play Store (also from desktop). The Phone app isn’t easy to find from the Play Store app, but you can use a direct link here.

Google Phone On Your Smartphone

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel’s best feature – Call Screening – is not available for devices other than Pixel phones in the US (in English). We sure hope Google plans to make this feature available to non-Pixel devices in the future, as its easily a major selling point in a world where annoying spam calls ring every day.

Please note that the Google Phone App is in Beta, so outgoing/incoming phone calls have the potential for the occasional issues depending on your model. Note that the Beta program also depends on your geological location and may not be available in your country.

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