We are now fully in the world of foldable displays, you can now easily buy one anywhere anytime. Manufacturers such as SamsungHuaweiMotorola, and Flexpai have announced commercially available foldable devices with flexible OLED panels. However, OLED panels are not the only type of screens that have been made foldable. There are also flexible e-ink displays and E Ink just announced a new one.

E Ink launches a 10.3-inch flexible ePaper display

The new E Ink display is the 10.3-inch flexible ePaper display and it seems to have been announced very recently. It is just 0.1-inches larger than the version announced back in 2017. The main difference between the two seems to be the addition of a backlight to the new model, to make it easier to see even in low-light.

The flexible ePaper display will find good use in eReaders, e-ink notebooks, eNewspapers, and even small-sized signage boards. At the moment, there isn’t any commercially-available eReader that uses a flexible ePaper display and we are not sure we will see one soon. Wearable manufacturers also do not seem too keen to adopt flexible e-ink displays for use in their products.

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