As part of its continual efforts to offer handlers more control over who reply their posts, Twitter had on Tuesday started rolling out new settings that will enable users to limit unwanted replies to the conversations they start on the platform. The Social media company has been testing the new setting with select users for several months now, but has now finally make it available to all users.

Twitter: You Can Now Control Who Replies Your Tweet

As part of the plan, users will now get three options as to who can reply to their tweets – ‘Everyone’, ‘People you follow’ and ‘Only people you mention’.

Control Who Replies Your Tweet

The first of those options will be the default across all platforms. “Starting today, everyone will be able to use these settings so unwanted replies don’t get in the way of meaningful conversations”, said Suzanne Xie, Twitter’s director of product management.

Originally announced at the CES tech show in January, allows users to choose who can participate in a conversation thread they started. It enables users to lock down a conversation by choosing who is – and who isn’t – allowed to reply to their tweets. The beta test was first spotted in February before the company started a phased rollout for select users in May.

Free-speech Advocates Kicks

The new feature has already proven to be highly controversial, with free-speech advocates slamming it for possibly restricting healthy debates on the platform.

According to many, it will just add to the increasing number of echo chambers on the site, further restricting the free exchange of ideas. It’s not immediately clear if it will adversely affect conversations on Twitter, but it will no doubt be a fundamental change to how the platform has worked since its inception.



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