Latest WhatsApp Beta Confirms Multiple Devices Feature Is In Early Development

WhatsApp has released a new Beta build update through its Google Play Beta Program. The new beta version comes in version to the testers. The new beta build confirms a possible Multiple Devices features and hints that the feature is indeed in early development.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about this feature. As a matter of fact, Multiple Devices has appeared on the limelight numerous times. We even reported last month that the company is already testing the feature.

WhatsApp Beta Build Reveals Multiple Devices Feature

WhatsApp On Multiple Device Feature

According to the new development, it seems the company will replace its ‘WhatsApp Web’ feature with a new option called ‘Linked Devices’. This new feature will bring Multiple Devices support that let you run the same WhatsApp number on multiple devices.

According to the new build, it looks like the devices limit is 4, which means you are only allowed to run your account on four devices simultaneously. At the time of writing this, WhatsApp is working on a user interface to manage all the Linked Devices. As per the leaked screenshots, the user interface looks pretty similar to that of the WhatsApp Web.

In case you are not aware, Multiple Devices is one of the most requested features from the users and community. Unlike the current WhatsApp Web, the Multiple Devices or Linked Devices will allow multiple WhatsApp account running independently of each other. This means that even if the primary account disconnects, you will still be able to run it on Linked Devices.

WhatsApp On Multiple Device Feature

Multiple Devices or Linked Devices will come in handy for people like me who like to juggle between multiple devices for productivity or other reasons. Earlier this month, we saw reports flooding in claiming that Facebook and WhatsApp users will be able to communicate with each other.

Advance Search Mode Also Coming Soon

The latest update also reveals the ‘Advanced Search Mode’ which allows users to search for a specific message within the app. Once again, this is not the first time we’re hearing about this new search mode. To recall, it was previously spotted in WhatsApp 2.20.117 Android beta changelog.

With that said, both the features are currently in early-stage and should be on its way to the end-users. Well, that will happen only when the features are fully developed and are completely free of bugs. Whenever that happens, we will make sure to keep you updated.


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