Telegram is popular for its constant rolling out of update in the light of improving its instant messaging app. It has yet again released a very useful update to its app, and this time, you are now allowed to share files up to 2GB.

The new update brings a new features like the ability to add profile videos, improved people Nearby, increased size limit to 2GB when sharing files and lots more.

You can now add videos on profile, instead of a plain static image. When uploading a video, users will also be given the option of using Telegram’s media editor to enhance the image or add fun animated stickers.

Telegram Update brings Share up to 2GB Files Sharing

There is a new “Soften Skin” slider for videos taken with the front-facing camera and Android Telegram users can now crop and rotate videos before sending.

Telegram’s Group stats will show detailed graphs about a group’s activity and growth, along with a list of top members by number of messages and average message length. Telegram desktop now supports multiple accounts and the size limit for sharing files has been increased from 1.5GB to 2GB.


With the way Telegram is going, WhatsApp may be 10 years far behind its rival if it does not wake up from its slumber.  You can go straight to your App store to download Telegram in order to enjoy all the new amazing features.


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