Superstrata Bikes Is The World’s First 3D Printed Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle

Superstrata Bikes – With more exploration of its technology and its accessibility, 3D printing is gradually taking over the materials market industry by industry. Last year, we saw the world’s Largest 3D-Printed Building in Dubai. Now, the world’s first 3D printed unibody carbon fiber bicycle is out by another company.

The company Arevo may not be popular to you because it’s a lesser-known startup, but it does make use of the 3D printing technology quite well. Co-founded by an Indian entrepreneur, Hemant Bheda, the company makes “ultrastrong, lightweight continuous carbon fiber products on-demand”.

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Superstrata Ion e-Bike

Well, that makes sense about the “world’s first” 3D printed unibody carbon fiber bicycle. Now, coming to that, here, the emphasis is not on the world’s first 3D printed bicycle. There are a lot of high-end bicycles that have multiple 3D printed parts. However, we only have few bicycle around whose entire frame is made from a single piece of material, in this case, carbon fiber. That is why the emphasis is on the world’s first 3D printed UNIBODY carbon fiber bicycle.

So, unlike other lightweight and ultrastrong bikes that have some parts made from carbon fiber, Arevo’s two new bikes under a new brand name, Superstrata, will be 3D printed from a single piece of carbon fiber.

As a result, there will be no signs of any welding or joints on the bikes. Additionally, the Superstrata bikes will be ultra-light. The company claims that they will be as light as two water bottles!

“So there’s no glue, no joins, no bolts, no laser welds, none of that stuff. If anything, things are shaved off in the post-processing [phase].”, said Sonny VU, the CEO of Avero and now, Superstrata.

Superstrata Terra & Superstrata Ion e-Bike

Now, the brand new company has launched two models of Superstrata bikes — the lower end Superstrata Terra and the higher end, the Superstrata Ion e-bike. So, the lower-end Terra is an analog bicycle, while the higher-end Ion is an e-bike that runs on a 252Wh battery.

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Superstrata Terra

According to the spec sheet, the Superstrata Ion e-bike has a 250W rear-motor setup that can give the bike a 60-miles range on a single charge.

Superstrata Ion e-Bike

Now, a unique feature that the manufacturing process of the company allows is that they can custom build a Superstrata bike for individuals measuring from 4’7″ to 7’4″.

The project is still incomplete and is currently a work-in-progress. However, the company is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to make the project a reality soon. It has already raised about $1.1 million and you can get a pretty good deal for the Superstrata bikes.


Superstrata Bikes Price and Availability

Now, the actual prices of the Superstrata Ion e-bike and the Terra are $3,999 and $2,799 respectively. However, they are available for as low as $1,799 and $1,299 if you pre-book from the Indiegogo campaign right now.

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