Samsung To Start Selling Its Phones Without Chargers – Report

Recently, reports started flying round that Apple will not include a charger in the iPhone 12 box. Those reports were further confirmed by Nikkei Asian Review. Well, it seems, Samsung is about to follow a similar path for its smartphones.

According to a new report, the Korean manufacturer is considering the step for its future smartphones starting as soon as next year. This means, the next Galaxy S series flagship might ship without a charger as well. However, considering that the report seems confident the change will take place next year, the Note 20 line up should still pack the charger in the box.

Reason For Shipping Phones Without Charger

The reasons behind the company’s thinking are pretty much similar to that of Apple’s. The South Korean giant ships millions of smartphones every year. Removing charging bricks from the boxes will save Samsung a lot of money. Plus, it will allow the company (if it wants) to price its phones more aggressively. There are also the environmental benefits of not shipping millions of chargers that will end up in the tons of electronic waste generated by us every year.

Obviously, Samsung will continue selling its fast chargers, and wireless chargers to anyone who wants to buy one for their smartphone.

Samsung Charger

To be honest, it feels awkward to buy a phone without charger. However, it does make sense. I have more than 5 chargers at home, from old phones and other gadgets. Most of these chargers can charge any phone since most smartphones have USB C connectors these days. Do I need a new charger with my next smartphone? Probably not.

Still, it is a big step to take for both Samsung and Apple. Chances are Apple will be the first one to take the step because the iPhone 12 is coming this year, and Samsung is planning on the step next year. So, we can expect a lot of Apple bashing if the Cupertino giant removes the charger from the box. Whether Samsung does the same or not is difficult to say. What’s even more difficult to say is whether the cost benefits will pass on to consumers or just thicken the profit margins of these tech giants.

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