Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Screen Protector Reveals A Curved Display

The popular leakster under the nickname Ice Universe, which is known with reliable exclusive information about the latest in the tech industry, has released a new photo of a protective glass for the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra smartphone.

The photo reveals narrow the frames on all sides will be on the smartphone screen. However, the bottom frame is slightly wider, this is may be available so as to exclude accidental clicks and correct operation of the gesture system. A lot modern smartphones comes with wider frames on the sides of the screen than the bottom frame of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

Last week, the first hands-on video was published on the Jimmy is Promo YouTube channel, in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 20Ultra was present, and also talked about its features.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Hands-On Video

The YouTuber was the first to publish the first live photos of the smartphone, then he shows us the device in operation. The settings indicate that this smartphone has a model number SM-N986U.

In addition, it also runs on the Android 10 operating system with the proprietary graphical user interface One UI 2.5.

The video also compares the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra with its predecessor, now we know for sure that the manufacturer decided to change the location of the stylus and speaker, however, the S Pen stylus remained exactly the same in size as the previous generation.

The S Pen can act as a pointer. With it, you can move the cursor on the screen at a distance. To do this, you should press the button on the stylus.

The rear panel has undergone significant refinement in the field of the camera. The relationship between the models is practically not traced. The protrusion of the camera became even larger, and the lower and upper panels of the new smartphone became flat.

The source adds that there will be two models in the lineup. Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. There is no third model. The presentation of the line should be on August 5.

Samsung is preparing to release the Galaxy Note20 series simultaneously with the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. Predictably, the new smartphones will cost a lot of money. And some predictions point that the price of the Galaxy Note20 line could range from 1249 to 1499 dollars.


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