Red Magic 5S To Have 320Hz Touch Sampling Rate And 144Hz Refresh Rate Display

Ever since Ni Fei, the president of nubia brand disclosed the launch date for the Red Magic 5S, he has been teasing the features of the handset every day. He has again confirmed the touch sampling rate of the display and shoulder buttons along with the refresh rate of the screen.

nubia Red Magic 5S

Red Magic 5S Will Have 320Hz Touch Sampling Rate And 144Hz Refresh Rate Display

The upcoming Red Magic 5S is going to be Nubia’s third gaming smartphone of 2020 after Red Magic 5G and nubia Play 5G (aka Red Magic 5G Lite). It is expected to be a minor update to its predecessor just like Red Magic 3 and Red Magic 3S from last year.

As part of pre-launch marketing, the brand’s president has been revealing the features of the phone one by one. Today, he confirmed the device to feature 320Hz touch sampling rate shoulder buttons and 144Hz refresh rate display with a 240Hz touch sampling rate.

nubia Red Magic 5S to have 320 Hz

In you are not aware, touch sampling rate can be simply called as the number of times the screen can sense touch inputs in a second. Just like the display refresh rate, more the value better the performance, which in turn should offer stellar gaming experience, at least in theory.

Though the new teaser does not reveal the type of the display, it should be AMOLED just like its predecessor. Apart from this, the handset is confirmed to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus, LPDDRR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 storage, and silver cooling system.

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