There must have been at least one time when you accidentally deleted one or more contact on your phone. And you know this is not like some apps such as Gallery where you can retrieve your deleted photos within a certain period due to the availability of recycle bin. When you delete a contact, it’s gone. Now, that is about to change as a new feature that will let you retrieve a deleted contact is rolling out to Google Contacts, but there is a catch.

Google Contacts

Called Trash, the new feature works just like a recycle bin. So if you use Google Contacts and accidentally or even intentionally removed a contact, you have a grace period of 30 days to retrieve it. The catch is that it is only available on the Google Contacts website and not on the app. The good news is that it doesn’t matter if you deleted the contact on the web or on the app, you will be able to retrieve the deleted (contacts).

How To Recover Deleted Contact On Google Contact Site

To recover you deleted contacts,

Step 1: First off, Go the Google Contact site

Step 2: Scroll, down to find Trash beneath the “Other contacts” folder and click on it. If can’t find it there, it means it hasn’t yet been made available for you but you will get it soon.

How To Recover deleted contact on Google Contact site

Step 3: Your deleted contact will show up there, and it will also indicate if a contact was deleted on the app or the web as well as the time and date. You can now choose to “Delete Forever” or “Recover” a contact. 

How To Recover deleted contact on Google Contact site

Google says the feature will roll out to all G Suite customers and personal Google accounts over the next few weeks. The press release by Google says it is “not available yet in the Google Contacts apps for mobile devices”. The phrasing hints at it coming to the mobile app in the future.



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