MTN Worship Suite: Everything You Should Know

MTN Worship Suite offers religious bodies a means to zero rate their websites and apps, making worship and fellowship possible even in a time of social distancing.

To assist keep congregation connected, supported and engaged, MTN has packaged various data solutions that will provide customers with options.

MTN Worship Suite

MTN Worship Suite Packages

Package 1: All Access Pass Package:

This package makes it possible to zero rate the church/mosque’s website and apps, allowing church members and the public alike, to partake in live-streamed services without worrying about data.

How It Works

  • Your mosque/church purchases one of our wholesale data bundles (details below).
  • The purchased data bundle is allocated to your website in order to sponsor the data usage of visitors to your site.
  • This means church/mosque members and other can attend online worship without worrying about data. Their data usage has been sponsored by your church/mosque.
  • Your mosque/church can predefine beneficiaries of this service.  This can either be a select group of people or all visitors to the mosque/church site.
  • Your mosque/church can also set limits to how much data is allocated to visitors to the site.
Wholesale Data Bundle Price (N)
280GB 79,500
465GB 130,000
920GB 254,000
1225GB 313,000
10TB 2,520,000
20TB 4,830,000
25TB 5,770,000
30TB 6,610,000
35TB 7,340,000
40TB 7,970,000
50TB 9,440,000

Table 1. All data bundles above are valid for 90 days

Package 2: Limited Access Pass Package:

This package offers the mosque/ church wholesale data bundles which are purchased as subscriptions and shared among their pastors, workers etc., empowering them to collaborate and be productive wherever they may be.

The purchased data bundles can be shared in two ways:

a. Share via MTN Self Service Portal: A designated Church/Mosque Administrator can allocate data to church workers as approved by the church.

Data Allocation Validity
50MB 30 Days
Any Data Volume

b. Share via MTN Data Coupons: A designated Mosque/Church Administrator can send church workers Data Coupons that consist of 10-digit PINs. These Data Coupons can be redeemed via myMTN app, *131# USSD Code and on

Categories  Data Coupons
Daily Bundles (Valid for 1 day) 200MB
Weekly Bundles (Valid for 7 days) 350MB
Monthly Bundles (Valid for 30 days) 1.5GB

Package 3: YouTube Pass Package:

This package is specially designed for churches/mosques that stream their services on YouTube. These  Churches or mosques can encourage their members and the general public to purchase the bundles in order to join their worship online. The bundles offer time-based access to YouTube.

Data Bundle Price (N) Validity To Activate
1GB YouTube Only + 500MB Unrestricted 500 14 Days Subscribe using myMTN app
YouTube + Instagram 100 1 Day Dial *131*3*8# or subscribe using myMTN app

How To Subscribe To MTN Worship Suite

Any interested customer should call 09062546971 or send an email to and an account partner will be available to assist.

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