How To Create A GIF Background For Your New Chrome Tab

There’s so many things to be customized on Google Chrome Browser that you might not even know. The Chrome web store boasts of many extensions and themes that makes your browsing experience better.

Some of the extensions or themes are designed to be either productivity focused or privacy protection while a lot are just for laughs. A new handy tip I discovered on Twitter is how to use a GIF for the background of your new Chrome tab.

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How To Make A GIF Background For Your New Chrome Tab

Here’s how to do this:

Step 1. You go to your favourite GIF sites such as Giphy or Tenor. You can also create your own GIF from YouTube, click HERE to learn more.

Telegram animated stickers

Step 2. Right-click the GIF and scroll to the save image as option

Step 3. You save it as a PNG file – [rain].png

Step 4. Open a new tab and go to the customize tab. It appears as a pen icon on the bottom right corner of the new tab.

Step 5. The icon opens up to the option of uploading your media. You can upload your GIF.

How To Make A GIF Background

And that is all.

How To Make A GIF Background

The GIF is now your background so each time you open a new tab, you’ll see your GIF. Kindly share your thought about it with us in the comments.

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