Just when you we are still trying to catch our breathe after the excitement that follows the announcement of vivo iQOO 120W fast charging technology and the revelation of OPPO’s 125W fast charging options, another one surfaced. Huawei and its sub-brand have just revealed their own out tech too. Well, today, Honor has announced that it will soon launch a new fast charging technology. This time around, it will be used for the gaming notebooks, reaching 200W fast charge level.

Honor’s 200W Fast Charging Technology

According to the Weibo blogger @Ark, the upcoming gaming notebook from Honor with a codename of FRD will feature a power adapter of 200W. The specific network information shows 20V voltage, 10A current, and the model is HW-200A00P00.

Honor Working on 200w fast charging

However, the power of 200W is not the highest in the gaming notebooks niche. There are even models reaching 230W. However, the Honor 200W adapter should be based on the USB-C + PD route. Thus, we wonder whether it can reduce the charger size to a certain extent. After all, many gaming notebook chargers are still bulky and not portable at all.

Honor will hold a press conference on July 16. At the event, a new generation of notebooks will be officially launched, including the new Honor MagicBook Pro on the AMD platform as well as Honor’s first gaming notebook. The former will support a new generation of 65W fast charge. And we guess the latter should come with a 200W support. And as the company claims, due to the former accessory, the laptop will charge about 50% in 30 minutes.

Honor MagicBook AMD Laptops

The Honor MagicBook AMD version was spotted in the 3DMark database (mainboard number KLVL-WXX9-PCB). So, we can learn about many features of the upcoming laptop. There are two main versions:

  1. One uses an octa-core 16 thread Ryzen 7 4800H processor, a 16GB DDR4-2666MHz memory, and a Samsung PM981a 1TB NVMe SSD solid state disk;
  2. The second features a hexa-core 12 thread Ryzen 5 4600H processor, an 8GB DDR4-2666MHz memory, and a Samsung PM981 512GB NVMe SSD solid state drive.

Among them, the maximum probability of memory is directly soldered to the motherboard, which is not replaceable or upgradeable. But we believe that even the 8GB version will be dual-channel. However, unfortunately, the frequency is only 2666MHz.


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