Apple Sold Over 10 Million iPhone SE Units In Q2 2020

The Apple iPhone SE 2nd gen was launched back in April after a lot of rumors and speculations. The smartphone came with a starting price of $399 and has since its launch been well received. After all, the phone boast of flagship hardware, including the A13 Bionic for a good fraction of the price of a flagship like the iPhone 11 ($649).

Though it was pretty evident from the start that the iPhone SE 2020 will be a great hit, there’s an actual number to prove that. According to a report, Apple sold 10 million iPhone SE 2020 units in the second quarter of this year. The report comes from Taiwan Economic Daily, and highlights that the 10 million number is a big deal because the phone was launched during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Apple iPhone SE 2020
Apple iPhone SE 2020

At $399, and with a design similar to the iPhone 8, the iPhone SE was the perfect bet for anyone looking to try out the iPhone without paying the premium that Apple usually charges for its smartphones. That’s likely a huge reason for the kind of sales Apple has seen for the iPhone SE.

Furthermore, reports are suggesting that Apple is working on another affordable iPhone. This time, coming in under $300. It’s expected that Apple will launch such an iPhone next year. Personally, it seems a little improbable to me that Apple will go much further in terms of low cost iPhones. However, if it does, that can be a big issue for Android manufacturers who are currently ruling the budget smartphone segment.


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