Recently, the United States officially declared Huawei as a national security threat and also banned all its companies from using its equipment. However, the U.S is still struggling to convince its allies to follow suit. Following the United Kingdom that allowed “high-risk companies” to provide equipment, now France said it will not put a total ban on the Chinese telecommunications manufacturers.

The head of French cybersecurity agency ANSSI, Guillaume Poupard has revealed to the local newspaper Les Echos that they are inciting operators not currently using Huawei to stick to the status quo, while ones that are already with the Chinese giant will receive temporary authorizations.

Huawei 5G Antenna

According to a quote by Reuters, half of the equipment of Bouygues Telecom and SFR is built by Huawei, while state-controlled Orange is already working with rivals Nokia and Ericsson.

He also said that this is not Huawei bashing or anti-Chinese racism:

All we’re saying is the risk is not the same with European suppliers as with non-Europeans.

Sources claimed that France will seek to keep Huawei out of its core mobile network which processes sensitive information such as customers’ personal data. Poupard revealed companies have already sent inquires about working with the Chinese company, and those who received a confirmation will be allowed to operate in the future three to eight years.