If you have friends that uses YouTube Music a lot, you will soon have the ability to create collaborative playlists in the app. The feature was first spotted in development a few months back. But, today, there’s a report stating that it’s now available in the YouTube Music app.

Apparently, if you open a playlist in YouTube Music, and tap on the edit button (the pencil icon) you will now see a new ‘Collaborate’ button alongside the privacy settings for the playlist. According to 9to5Google, the button shows up regardless of the privacy settings you choose: public, private, or unlisted. However, tapping on the button currently does not do anything. Instead, you will simply get a toast notification saying “navigation unavailable”.

YouTube Music Gets a New ‘Collaborate’ Button for Playlists

According to the report, the button is showing up in the latest version of the YouTube Music Android app (v3.69). However, the same doesn’t show up on my Redmi Note 8. It is also not available on the latest version of the YouTube Music app on iOS. It is may possibly be that Google is testing the button, or it’s a server side rollout that will take place over the next few days or weeks. However, if you’re not seeing the button either, don’t fret because you’re not missing out on anything yet.

Having a collaborative playlist may be a great idea for a lot of users. Personally, I think it’s going to be useful for me and my friends when we plan a road trip next. With collaborative playlists we don’t need to worry about “who gets to play the music” anymore.

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