WhatsApp On KaiOS Phones Will Soon Get ‘Status’ Feature

Mozilla’s Firefox OS may still be far behind Android when we talk of software systems on low-cost smartphone, but unknown to several people, a forked version of the software has been gaining a massive user-base over the past couple of years. Dubbed ‘KaiOS‘, the Firefox OS-based operating system powers basic feature phones like the JJioio Phone and the Nokia 8110It has a total user-base of over 100 million, making it the third-largest mobile platform in the world after Android and iOS.

Though KaiOS obviously lacks in apps when compared to other the two smartphone platforms, a number of popular social media applications, in particular, are now available on the platform. Much like ChromeOSKaiOS is also essentially a browser with HTML5 and Javascript. So more often than not, KaiOS apps are basically mobile websites wrapped into an app that can be stored locally. Services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are all pre-loaded on KaiOS devices as HTML5 applications.

WhatsApp On KaiOS

WhatsApp On KaiOS Phones To Get ‘Status’ Feature Soon

WhatsApp, of course, was most in-demand from JioPhone users, and it was finally launched on the platform in 2019. The app, however, still lacks some of its basic features that Android and iOS users take for granted, including voice-calling and WhatsApp Web. Unfortunately, the software engineering lead for WhatsApp on KaiOS, Joe Grinstead, says that there’s no telling when either of the features will be available on the platform.

WhatsApp, however, is all set to bring its ‘Status’ feature to KaiOS devices soon. Speaking to Android Central’s Harish Jonnalagadda, Grinstead said that the ‘Status’ feature is at “Gold Master” on KaiOS, meaning it is all set to roll out. Grinstead also said that his team is working on introducing more features to the platform over the coming months.


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