Chinese display manufacturer, Visionox, has announced today that its in-Display camera solution is now ready for mass production. The company also released a video to show off the technology.

Visionox announces its under-screen camera display

Dubbed InV See, Visionox said that the transparency of the camera area was improved by using new organic and inorganic film materials with higher transparency for the main screen. The new materials not only have improved transparency but also reduce diffraction.

Visionox announces its under-screen camera display

Visionox also revealed that it developed an “industry-first drive circuit and pixel structure design” that minimizes interference.


It is important to know that hardware is only one half of the technology as the software will also play its part. Visionox says it is working with manufacturers to develop a special algorithm for the technology. This software algorithm will handle glare, brightness, and fogging effect so photos and videos captured with the selfie camera turn out great.

Visionox announces its under-screen camera display

At the moment, it appears Visionox’s InV See will be exclusive to AMOLED displays. So expect LCD displays to keep having notches and punch holes for the foreseeable future.

Visionox’s InV See Ready For Mass Production

InV See is ready for mass production but it is still unknown when the first commercially available phone will be announced. We are still in the first half of the year, so there is still a chance we may see it appear in phones before 2021.

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So what’s you thought about this and which manufacturer do you think will be the first to release a phone with an in-display camera?

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