Twitter Fleets Now In India and How To Use Twitter Fleets

Twitter has rolled out Fleets (the company’s version of stories) in India. The country is now the third market to receive this feature after its launch in Brazil, followed by its debut in Italy last month. For our readers in India, the feature is already live and you can give it a try.

What Is Twitter Fleets

As mentioned above, Twitter Fleets are a response to the popular “Stories” feature that we have seen on other social media platforms. According to Twitter, Fleets are for sharing fleeting thoughts that you want to disappear and don’t want to see on your timeline. Like on other services, Fleets on Twitter disappear after 24 hours. Fleets are perfect for posting something casual and less permanent.

This is Twitter’s take on Snapchat’s Stories (a feature that was borrowed by Instagram, WhatsApp, even YouTube and Skype, among others).

Difference Between Fleets and Stories?

The biggest difference between Fleets and Stories is the ability to share clickable links. If you have used Instagram Stories before, you know that you cannot share clickable links on stories, unless you are verified or have 10,000 followers. I am happy to see that Twitter is not going down the same path. There are other creative differences as well, but this is the biggest and most advantageous difference that Fleets have over Stories.

How To Create Twitter Fleets

Creating Twitter Fleets is easy. On your profile, there’s a Fleets carousel at the top. Apart from showing Fleets from people that you follow, it shows your profile picture with a “+” icon at the beginning.

1. Tap the icon to open the compose window.

How To Create Twitter Fleets

2. Here, you can type your thoughts and paste links. Just like normal Tweets, you can post fleets up to 280 characters.

3. You can also add hashtags and mentions. Just type ‘#’ or ‘@’ followed by the text and it will show you suggestions, as shown below.

How To Create Twitter Fleets

4. Tap on the “camera” or the “picture” button to add images and videos.

How To Create Twitter Fleets

5. Tap on the “Aa” button at the top-right to add text over your photos and videos.

How To Create Twitter Fleets

6. Similarly, you can add GIF by tapping on the “GIF” button. It will open a window where you can search for GIFs. Note that you cannot add text on top of gifs.

How To Create Twitter Fleets

How to View Fleets

If one of your followers has access to Fleets and has shared a fleeting thought, then you will see it in the carousel at the top of the home feed. You can also find fleets by visiting someone’s profile. If they have shared a fleet, you will see a circle around their profile picture. You can tap on it to reveal the button to open the Fleet.

It’s not clear which country will be next to get fleet or when Twitter will make the feature available globally.


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