Samsung has announced its flagship television it called The Frame 2020. Alongside the new TV, the company has also introduced ten new smart televisions to fit into wide range of price segments and of course, different screen sizes. Numerous companies have recently been seen jumping into the smart television industry. With so many options out there, the market has now become much more  competitive than ever before. This seems to be the reason for pushing Samsung to deliver more options to its consumer after all.

Samsung The Frame 2020

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Samsung The Frame 2020 Features

Now, going straight to the flagship offering first i.e. The Frame 2020. In case who’re unaware, The Frame from Samsung is designed in a way to look like an art frame when the television is off. When turned on, it will act as regular television. In terms of design, the company has gone with an elegant and modern frame aesthetics. That does not mean that it lags behind in terms of features and technology. The Frame 2020 comes with a QLED panel with Quantum Dot tech.

Samsung The Frame 2020

The wall-mount of the television has no gap at all, making it look exactly like a frame from every viewing angle possible. Since the key feature here is the art frame, the television can pull art collection from its library. It is worth noting that this feature is subscription-based while you can enjoy the 3 months for free as a trial period offer. You can even add your own collection to the roster to give it a more personal touch.

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The Frame comes with Motion Sensor that keeps the frame on when you are in the vicinity of it. If you’re not, then it will turn off to save some of the energy. Furthermore, we’re also looking at an Ambient Mode+ so that you can see the time, weather, news, and more. The feature can also blend your frame to the surrounding wall’s color and pattern.

Samsung The Frame 2020

10 New Smart TVs


In addition to The Frame 2020, Samsung has also introduced 10 new smart TVs that range from entry-level to premium segments. The new FHD and HD Ready smart TV range will be available in 43-inch and 32-inch sizes, respectively. The 4K UHD TVs come in four sizes – 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch.

Samsung The Frame 2020 Price and Availability

Samsung The Frame 2020

Coming to the sizes, the Frame 2020 comes in four different screen sizes namely 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch. All the models come with 4K resolution support. As per pricing. we’re looking at INR 74,990 ($984), INR 81990 ($1076), and INR 1,39,990 ($1837) respectively. Unfortunately, there is no pricing information for the top-end variant.




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