After the cancellation of the June 4 event dedicated to the announcement of games of its next-generation game console PlayStation 5, the Sony has released a new date – June 11 at 9 pm BST time.

Sony PS5 To Be Announced On June 11

The Japanese company appreciate its fans for their patience and understanding in connection with the postponement of this event and warns that the event itself will be broadcast live in 1080p resolution and at a frequency of 30 frames/s. At the same time, the games that we will see this Thursday will look much better. Because the gameplay is recorded in 4K resolution.

Furthermore, Sony recommends watching the presentation using headphones, as it inserted special sound effects into the presentation, which will be more difficult to evaluate from the phone or through the speakers of the laptop.

A couple of days ago, in an interview with the media, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, noted that the current pandemic will not force the sale of the PS5 to be delayed.

Jim Ryan said, “We are still going well. We will be on sale worldwide this Christmas. We look forward to the next generation, and we hope that the game field will also look forward to it.”


In addition, Jim Ryan said that although there may be a partial out-of-stock situation in the PS5 initial release period. This will not be any different from the previous situation when any new console is released.

Speaking about the price of the PlayStation 5, no official information on that yet. However, Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and CEO recently said that PS5 pricing will reflect the best value of the console. However, this does not been that it will be “cheap” but it means it will offer good value for money. The depth, design, quality, price, and platform of the game collection will be worth the money. Simply put, the PS5 may not be cheap, but it will definitely be worth the money.


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