Opera has been one of my favorite browser for a very long time now, though Chrome seems to be at the top for me. However, one of the key reasons for the interest for the Opera browser is the multi-functional sidebar.

The sidebar in Opera comes integrated with some of popular chat messengers. This makes it easy to take a lot of screenshots on my phone, and send it across to my PC via a dummy WhatsApp group chat. The sidebar gives me one-click access to WhatsApp.

Opera Browser

Twitter Now Fully Integrated Into Opera Desktop Browser

Today, the Opera browser has gained Twitter integration to make news and tips more accessible to me. Opera already made Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger available in this sidebar. The browser gained Instagram integration back in March and now, Twitter is only a click away. You can simply tap the ‘Twitter’ icon in the sidebar and tweet your thoughts away.

How To Enable Twitter Integration On Opera Browser

If you are new to Opera or planning to switch due to its myriad of integrations, here’s how you can enable the Twitter integration. When you power up the browser, you will already see the sidebar on the left. Now, follow the steps underneath:


Step 1. Right-click on the sidebar and select the ‘sidebar setup’ option to be greeted with a plethora of sidebar settings. You can also tap the ‘three dots’ icon at the bottom to get access to the sidebar settings.

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Twitter Now Fully Integrated Into Opera Desktop Browser

Step 2. Under the ‘Messengers’ section, click on ‘show more’ and just toggle on ‘Twitter’ to access the service via the sidebar.

Twitter Now Fully Integrated Into Opera Desktop Browser

“Having Twitter built into Opera gives you quick access to your main feed, the search function, as well as direct messages, allowing you to respond to unfolding events more quickly,” says Opera in an official blog post.

You will gain access to a responsive version of Twitter’s website. It’s going to be sure handy and adds to the list of apps that I will access via the sidebar in Opera.

New Weather Widget

Apart from the Twitter integration, Opera 69 brings a new weather widget integrated at the top left on the start page. The tab cycler (accessible via Ctrl+Tab) has also received a visual overhaul in this update. The browser already offers users access to a free VPN service, ad-blocking, tracker blocker, and a Crypto wallet, among other things.



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