This is an unpleasant news for Samsung fans and uses. The upcoming One UI 2.5, which will be introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 lineup and the Galaxy Fold 2 will bring ads to the stock Samsung apps.

One UI 2.5 To Bring In-App Ads To Samsung Devices

According to reports, the Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy Note20 Plus/Ultra alongside the Galaxy Fold 2 models will go official on August 5. In this event, the One UI 2.5 interface is expected to be introduced too. The next release of the Samsung user interface may arrive with many new features but will unfortunately also bring ads.

Samsung One UI 2.5 To Come With In-App Ads

It is stated that these ads will appear on the lock screen also. For now, the process, which is not very detailed, may only include low-cost devices. It is also thought that these ads will not be available in every market. However, this development is already getting a big reaction.

As you may know, Tecno, Infinix, even Xiaomi received great criticism on this subject and made serious changes in the process. Virtually all users do not want to see advertisements on their phones.

Samsung One UI 2.5 To Come With In-App Ads


One UI

Since Samsung’s customization layer changed its name and design, it is more accepted by users than before. One UI was presented with the Galaxy S10 and currently, its latest version is 2.1.

Although One UI is currently on millions of devices we cannot expect One UI 2.5 to arrive for every device. It will remain a layer based on Android 10 and not on Android 11, so the changes will be rather few. It will arrive together with the Galaxy Note20, so many of the news could be related to the S-Pen. This means that these new features will not reach other devices.

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Earlier, Samsung Korea has been the subsidiary in charge of communicating the development of One UI 2.5. It has caught us by surprise, especially knowing that the current version is 2.1 and not 2.4. It seems that the company will skip a few numbers to introduce One UI 2.5 as the next version of its customization layer.

The official report only talks about a novelty: the integration of Google gestures for third-party launchers. This is something that is not present in One UI 2.0 or 2.1 and that we will see in One UI 2.5. Beyond this detail, we do not know any other news.

Regarding the devices that will receive One UI 2.5, there could be several, including all the Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy A models launched in the summer. We also expect that the Galaxy S20 gets the update a few days after the arrival of the Note20 with the features of One UI 2.5.




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