MTN CallerTunez service: All You Need To Know

MTN CallerTunez service offers its subscribers the unique ability to personalize their ring back tones. By default, phones play the boring and not-so-pleasing “tring-tring” tone. This ability to personalize Ring Back Tones (RBT) brings new and exciting doors for MTN subscribers.

An enhanced and user friendly CallerTunez is being introduced by MTN. The new features will provide customers several ways to sample and subscribe to the service. The service is compatible to with all mobile phones types.

MTN CallerTunez

Target Audience

All customers on the MTN Nigeria Network.

Benefits Of Using CallerTunez:

(a) Ability to gift CallerTunez to another customer;

(b) Ability to copy another subscriber’s tune;

(c) Ability to assign certain CallerTunez to be played to certain callers only;

(d) Ability to choose different CallerTunez to play according to the time of the day, day of the week, or on a special occasion, and

(e) Ability to enable random play of tunes from a personal album.

An enhanced and user friendly CallerTunez is being introduced by MTN. This is as a result of various requests for variations of the service to meet the unique tastes and peculiarities of our subscribers.

These new features will provide customers several ways to sample and subscribe to the service.

The following are the different options available when subscribing to the Enhanced CallerTunez:

(a) CallerTunez for different callers;

(b) CallerTunez for special occasions;

(c) CallerTunez as Gifts;

(d) Random tunes from Personal Library;

(e) Pre set/Timed CallerTunez;

(f) Promotional CallerTunez;

How To Subscriber To MTN CallerTunez

The customer can buy CallerTunez for his/her library at any time, in several ways:

  • By sending the tune code for the tune of his/her choice to 4100.
  • By visiting the MTN CallerTunez Store via ,by dialling *410# and listening to samples, browsing through, and buying from the Top 10 list, from the Latest Releases list, or by buying a Music Box (if available).
  • By visiting the MTN CallerTunez Store via the MTN website and accessing the same features.
  • By dialing the USSD option *410# and following the options available on the menu


The customer can be billed for CallerTunez in any of the following ways:

  • CallerTunez Fees: The customer can download his/her choice of Caller Tunez for N50/tune monthly or N20/tune weekly at any time via SMS, USSD or Web, for his/her Personal Library.
  • CallerTunez bundle Fees: The customer can download his/her choice of Bundle CallerTunez for N100/tune monthly or N50/tune weekly at any time via SMS, USSD or Web, for his/her Personal Library.

MTN CallerTunez

General Rules

1. MTN CallerTunez is a content based service.

  • Free Tunez
  • Paid-for tunes in the Customers’ Personal Library
  • Discounted CallerTunez

2. The Customer’s Personal Library contains any tunes that the customer chooses, pays for, and ‘downloads’ by him/herself from MTN’s CallerTunez Store.

Basic Rule

The customer can subscribe to the CallerTunez service in any of the following ways:

  • By sending a tune code of the tune to the 4100 via SMS, , USSD, Web
  • A customer can not subscribe for Caller Tunez without downloading a tune.
  • The CallerTunez is charged when the customer exercises the option of choosing a charge tunez for his/her library.

Content Validity Period

1. The content validity period is the period during which a downloaded CallerTunez will be allowed to be part of the customer’s library, when it expires, the customer must download the particular Caller Tunez afresh in order to have it in his/her Personal Library.

2. Each CallerTunez that the customer chooses and buys for his/her personal library will cost N50/tune (30days) and 20/week (7days) or N100/monthly (30days) and 50/weekly (7days) for single and bundle tune respectively and will be valid from the date of purchase.

3. Each CallerTunez in the library is available to the customer as long as his/her pays tunez is still valid each month.

Managing The Personal Library & Gifting

  1. The customer can have only one Personal CallerTunez Library. This library can contain up to 10 tunes only, ‘downloaded’ by the customer.
  2. The customer can manage or customize the way tunes are played from his/her Personal Library via the Personal Settings commands available on the website or USSD
  3. Choose who hears what tune: The customer will also be able to assign which Caller Tunez plays to which Caller or Group of Callers via SMS, and Web.
  4. Random play: The RBT subscriber can set personal tunes to play randomly to all callers.
  5. Buy for a Friend (gift/present): A customer can buy a CallerTunez for another MTN customer via SMS, Web, and USSD.
  6. The cost of this Gift Tune is deducted immediately from the giver’s account once the purchase is successful. The cost of the gift is the same as the CallerTunez Fee for that tune.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

QUESTION: How much does it cost?

ANSWER:  The customer will pay for N50/month or N20/week for single tune or N100/month and 50/week for bundle tunez.

QUESTION: I received a call from a friend and she loved my ring back tone. How does she copy the song?

ANSWER: She can get it in either of the following:

  • Press 1 when she hear the tune during the call and the tunez is copied (in a couple of minutes) into her library and set as her default tune (One Key Copy Function)
  • Log on to the portal enter your phone number, view your tunez

QUESTION: How often can I change the songs in my personal library?

ANSWER:  As often as you want.

QUESTION: Do I pay for every change of song in my personal library?

ANSWER:  Yes. Every new tune downloaded, attracts a download fee.

QUESTION: What is the maximum number of songs I can have in my personal library?


QUESTION: I want to give a friend a gift from CallerTunez. How do I send her the song?

ANSWER: You can do the following:

  • Dial 4100, select (2) enter tune code and your friend’s number
  • From portal, select ‘Tune Present’ enter recipients number select the tune to present and send
  • Send ‘Present TuneCode’ and recipient’s number in a text to 4100

QUESTION: How do I confirm that my friend received the CallerTunez gift I got her?

ANSWER:  You will get an SMS to confirm the success or failure of the CallerTunez gift.

QUESTION: Can you use REG, REG1, and Cancel to deactivate.

ANSWER:  The above key word cannot be use to deactivate.

QUESTION; How do you delete a tune

ANSWER: You can delete a bundle tune with D + bundle code. Also you can delete a single tune with Del+Tunecode

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