MTN has yet again announced a new service that can prevents its customers from getting stranded while in the need to connect to the world. Dubbed MTN Bundle Completion, it is a service that allows MTN subscibers to purchase Data bundle, XtraValue bundle and Social Bundle when you have insufficient airtime by dialing *606#.

This service is just the modification of the XtraTime and XtraByte services that have been existing before now. Now, subscribers have a lot of options to pick from.

MTN Bundle Completion Service - All You Need To Know

Eligibility Criteria For MTN Bundle Completion Service

>>You must be eligible for the Xtratime/Xtrabyte service.

>>You must have an insufficient airtime balance to activate the bundle.

>>You must have available XtraTime credit limit.

>>You must select a bundle that is within his/her allowed credit limit.

Products Available For Bundle Completion

Bundle Completion feature is ONLY available on Select Data, XtraValue & Social Bundle as listed below:

Data Bundles

  • 75MB – Daily Plan
  • 350MB – Weekly Data Plan
  • 2GB – Monthly Plan
  • 25MB – Daily Plan
  • 200MB – 2-Day Plan
  • 750MB – 2-Week Plan
  • 5GB – Monthly Plan
  • 5GB – Monthly Plan
  • 5GB Pulse Data Plan
  • 35MB – Daily Plan
  • 250MB – 2 Day Plan
  • 750MB – 3 Day Plan
  • 1GB – Weekly Plan
  • 6GB – Weekly Plan
  • 6GB – Monthly Plan
  • 8GB – Monthly Plan

Social Bundle Plans

  • WhatsApp Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Facebook Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Instagram Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • 2Go Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • WeChat Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • Eskimi Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • All Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • YouTube & Instagram Social Bundle – (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

XtraValue: XtraTalk and XtraData

MTN XtraTime

  • XtraTalk 300 – Weekly
  • XtraTalk 500 – Weekly
  • XtraTalk 1000 – Monthly
  • XtraTalk 2000 – Monthly
  • XtraTalk 5000 – Monthly
  • XtraData 300 – Weekly
  • XtraData 500 – Weekly
  • XtraData 1000 – Monthly
  • XtraData 2000 – Monthly
  • XtraData 5000 – Monthly

Channels To Pay Back The Loan

Here are the means you can use to pay back what you borrowed;

  1. Physical Recharge
  2. DYA
  3. *904#
  4. MTN Share
  5. VTU
  6. Bank Recharge
  7. AWUF4U recharges etc.

Important Points To Note

>>All MTN Prepaid customers who are eligible for the XtraTime/XtraByte service can enjoy MTN Bundle Completion service.

>>You can check eligibility by simply dialing *606#.

>>A service fee of 15.36% is charged on airtime amount credited to complete the data/Xtravalue/Social bundle activation

>>Auto-renewal option is only available for Data bundle activation.

>>You will not be able to use the XtraTime to pay for outstanding loan.

>>You will be able to use the bundle within the bundle validity.

>>MTN customers with an outstanding loan, will still be able to activate from their eligible bundles provided they still have available credit limit to cover the cost of the bundle.

What do you think about this development? Share your thoughts and experience with us via the comment below.


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