According to recent reports, Google is set to expand the options offered by the power button menu in Android 11. These new options allows to users quickly launch tasks or the voice assistant rather than using the traditional power off and restart device options.

The new options will modify the layout to create room for smart home controls and the wallet options containing the user’s bank(s) and loyalty cards. The standard buttons for emergency calls and power off are moved to the top to make room for these new options.

Below is how the menu looks like based on the leaked documents containing the mockups.

As seen in the above images, the standard buttons for emergency calls and power off are moved all the way to the top, offering more space for the smart home controls and the wallet containing your bank and loyalty cards.

The new options can grant users with instant access to their home lighting, cameras, thermostat and everything related to IoT. You can now control them with a single click, or you could tap and hold which takes you to the corresponding app or reveal additional options.

At present, there is no confirmation concerning third-party apps and if the power button will be customizable with them. We believe that we would discover more details about this new feature and what else it may offer in the coming days, especially as Google has pushed back the Android 11 Beta Launch show.



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