The regular Google Assistant application is about to get a small redesign on Google Pixel 4 smartphones. According to 9to5google, Google is currently rolling out a new version of Google Assistant for beta testing.

Google Assistant Gets New Compact Interface And New Useful Features

Google Assistant Gets New Compact Interface

The functionality of the updated Google Assistant basically remain unchanged. However, the main difference from the current version is a more compact design. The Google Assistant panel with the answer to the question can no longer expand to full screen. So, for example, a window with a music player will occupy half the display, and the weather application will take up three quarters.

Google Assistant Gets New Compact Interface

In turn, any basic answers will occupy only the bottom of the screen. In addition, you can return to a previously opened application by simply clicking on the space outside the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant is distributed as part of the Google App version 11.15.12 update. Google provides some users with the opportunity to participate in the beta test, and a full version of the updated assistant should appear soon. The update has so far been confirmed only for Google Pixel 4 smartphones.


Google Assistant Gets New Compact Interface

Google Assistant Suggestions

With the Google Assistant, some processes can be automated and many things can be used more comfortably thanks to voice control. So far, the Assistant has been more of a remote control than a real assistant. This should change in the future through various improvements. Now, another feature has appeared. Some users are now automatically asked by the assistant about possible recurring tasks.

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The smart voice assistants can do a lot of tasks for the user and Google has been claiming to offer users the greatest range of functions for years – which is certainly correct in many cases.

If you use the Assistant very often or have integrated it deeply into everyday life, you should probably always request the same things, especially when it comes to smart home control. This is now taking advantage of a new feature that has appeared among the first users and asks about repeating a task. On the following screenshot, you can see what that can look like. With a touch on the corresponding notification, the corresponding command executes directly.

Google Assistant Gets New Compact Interface

The assistant has noticed that the user turns on the lights at 7:00 p.m. every day. So it is very likely that they will do so today. And that is exactly what the assistant can offer directly in the notification. This could certainly be in use with a large number of tasks, particularly in the smart home area, even if the user has not created any routines or planned tasks. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to say how extensive these options can be.

At the moment it is still a test with a few users. But the feature is very interesting in principle. In addition, it shows how the assistant could become even more useful in the future.




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