Statistical survey agency, Netmarketshare, has released its latest research report for April 2020. According to the report, the market share of Windows 10 globally has an unaccountably decline relative to its March 2020 record. In the April report, Windows 10’s global market share is 56.08% which is lower than the previous 57.34% market share.

Global Market Share For OS

The significant decline in Windows 10 cannot be related to the resurgence of the #StayAtHome order. Also, it couldn’t have been due to the Windows 7 “resurrection”  because Win7 market share also dropped from 26.3% to 25.59%.

Global Market Share For OS

It turns out that the overall market share of Windows dropped which is quite surprising. It had a 3.02% decrease from 89.94% to 86.92%. However, the market share of Linux OS rose from 1.36% to 2.87%. In addition, the macOS market share also rose from 8.94% to 9.75%.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2020 Update May Be Delayed

It looks like everyone will have to be patient if they want to install the new Microsoft‘s Win10 2004 (May 2020 update) via Windows Update. According to the latest information, the official date has now been postponed to the end of May. A possible zero-day exploit must first be patched before the new Windows 10 can be released to the developers and manufacturers. Microsoft’s schedule seems to have a delay by a few days, but a release in May is still in the plan.


The original speculation claims that the May 2020 update would arrive on May 12. However, there is a new report that this will not happen, we will now get this update on May 28th. The reason is supposed to be a zero-day exploit, which Microsoft wants to fix before release.

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According to the new timelines, Windows 10 version 2004 will now be available to consumers on May 28, 2020. In addition, the update will be available for OEMs on May 5.

  • Release to OEMs/PC makers: May 5
  • Availability of the update to developers: May 12
  • Windows 10 May 2020 Update General availability: May 28



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