Ulefone’s Armor lineup of rugged smartphones is know to always satisfied customers with pocket-friendly prices, wonderful durability and good performance. The recently launched Ulefone Armor X7 model is no exception to the rule and it has already proved its durability in many test videos.

We know some of you are are very eager to know whether Armor X7 can withstand extreme temperature too? Don’t worry, there an official video that can answer that. So let’s take a look.

In the video, Armor X7 was fully soaked in 100℃ boiling water, but remained indifferent by the ordeal and the phone functioned normally after been taken out. Then the tester put Armor X7 into a tank full of water and placed the water tank into a freezer for a night. And the result of the -15℃ night out ? Huge ice cube wih a phone inside it. Amazingly, Armor X7 didn’t skip a beat after being freed from the ice cube. So i would call the extreme temperature test a success.

On top of that, the device can also offer balanced specs, that include for example a quad-core SoC backed by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. What’s more, it runs the latest Android 10 OS, comes with 13MP rear camera, 5MP front selfie cam, supports face unlock & fingerprint ID or has NFC chip with  Google Pay support. And of course much more.

For an entry-level rugged phone it’s also extremely affordable. It currently sells for a promotional price of just $79.99 on Aliexpress. To see all the device’s specs just visit the official product page.

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