A couple of days ago, Sony officially announced that its online press conference for PS5 will hold on June 5. At the conference, the company is expected to reveal some details of the PlayStation 5 as well as its game lineup.

In an interview with the press, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, said that the current pandemic will not delay the sales of the PS5.

PlayStaion 5 Launch Date

Ryan said, “We are still going well. We will be on sale worldwide this Christmas. We look forward to the next generation, and we hope that the game field will also look forward to it.”

In addition, he said that although there may be a partial out-of-stock situation in the PS5 initial release period, this will not be any different from the previous situation when any new console is released.

Rumored PlayStation 5 Price

As per the price of the PlayStation 5, there’s still no official information on that. However, Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and CEO recently said that PS5 pricing will reflect the best value of the console. However, this does not mean that it will be “cheap” but it means you will get a good value for money. The depth, design, quality, price, and platform of the game collection will be worth the money. Simply put, the PS5 may not be cheap, but it will definitely be worth the money.


According to media reports, Sony has told PS4 game developers that any new games submitted for authentication must be compatible with PS5 consoles. This rule will begin on July 13. This means that after mid-July, all PS4 games (for testing) received by Sony will be compatible with PS5 and will also run on PS5. Sony recently released a developer document on the internal partner’s official website. The document details what developers must review to claim that their games have passed PS5 hardware compatibility testing. This option was added to the new version of the PS4 software development kit at the end of April this year. Sony told developers that it will contact them separately for details on how to test PS5 compatibility.

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The developer documentation also slightly explains the meaning of “compatible”. Only if the code submitted by it runs on the Sony PS5 console without problems, and provides the same functions as the PS4 version, it will be called “compatible”. Therefore, if a developer cannot play a certain mode on PS5, this game is not “compatible with PS5”. This is an advantage for the PlayStation 5. Buyers can be sure that new PS4 games will be playable on the PlayStation 5. Sony



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