New Jailbreak For Apple’s Latest iOS Version Is Now Available

A jailbreak has been released that works on all iPhones with iOS 11 and above, including the recently released iOS 13.5. Apple is yet to release a security update for the vulnerability that it uses.

Since iOS is a closed operating system, its security issues are better developed than Android. But this does not mean that iOS is devoid of vulnerabilities that hackers cannot take advantage of. So this time, hackers took advantage of a security hole, which Apple is not yet aware of, and this allowed the release of a jailbreak for all current versions of iOS – from 11 to 13.5.

The developers of the jailbreak say that it is stable and does not cause increased battery consumption. It also does not interfere with the work of branded services like iCloud or Apple Pay and does not violate the security of the sandboxes. But users now have the opportunity to install applications for free from alternative directories – from AltStore and Cydia.

New Jailbreak For Apple’s Latest iOS Version Is Now Available

Typically, Apple quickly closes the holes used in iOS to crack and jailbreak. But now, as Unc0ver claims, the company will take at least two to three weeks to issue the corresponding patch.

Users who wants to get rid of iOS restrictions that Apple has applied and want to use their own settings on their devices, perform a process called jailbreak. This type of access, which removes the restrictions that Apple applies, leaves the user in full control of the device.

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But, according to what some security experts say; Since jailbreaking has made some changes within the device’s own operating system, it also opens doors to new vulnerabilities.

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