As the COVID-19 pandemic continues with its havoc, the productivity of many industries continues to drop. However, the same cannot be said of the software market due to many people staying at home. If anything, there should be an increase.

Recently, Netmarketshare, a statistical survey agency, shared a surprising result for April 2020. According to the agency, the global share of Microsoft Windows 10 has decreased relative to the data in March 2020, falling to 56%. In addition,  the global share of Linux and macOS systems has increased.

Global Market Share For OS

In response to the report, Microsoft refuted the claim saying that Windows’ share did not only increase, its usability has also significantly increased by 75% year-on-year. This is equivalent to 4 trillion minutes per month for Windows users. Technically, an increase in the usage of Windows is what we expect.

Of course, when everyone stays at home, the use of large screens will increase over mobile screens. Statcounter chart data shows that the market share of Windows and macOS has risen in recent weeks… However, the market share of Android and iOS has slightly declined.

Operating System Market share


Microsoft also reported in its latest financial report that PC demand has driven Windows OEM Pro revenue growth by 5% due to the need for remote work and learning.

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