Have you been searching the whole net and offline for the latest Glo data? Don’t worry, you are in the right place to always get the update info. Glo, the self-acclaimed Grandmaster of Data is the cheapest internet Data Bundle provider in Nigeria. Though the mobile operator has poor report in terms of network and internet reliability but some subscribers still enjoy the services in their various locations.

In this article we will be giving you the latest Glo Data Plan, but if you also want to see those from other operators, such as MTN Data Plan, 9mobile Data Plan, Airtel Data Plan, we have that covered.


Without much ado, below is the latest Glo Data Plans available at the moment now:

Glo Data Plan: Special Daily Plan

With these new plans from Glo, subscribers gets a whopping 1GB of data for just N300 and its valid for 24 hours (a whole day); You can also get 2GB for just N500. Check out the plans bellow:

Data Plan Price (₦) Data Volume Validity
Daily Data Splash 300 300 1GB 1 Day
Daily Data Splash 500 500 2GB 1 Day


Glo Data Plan: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

These are basically the regular data plans from the company and they represents the best and the cheapest data plans in the country at present compare to the other top three mobile operator. Check out all the plans, validity, prices, data volume as well as the activation codes below:

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Glo data plan

Data Plan Price (₦) Data Volume  Bonus Validity SMS To 127 USSD Code
N25 Plan 25 10MB 12.5MB 1 Day 32 *127*32#
N50 Plan 50 22MB 27.5MB 1 Day 14 *127*14#
N100 Plan 100 80MB 92MB 2 Days 51 *127*51#
N200 Plan 200 210MB 242MB 4 Days 56 *127*56#
N500 Plan 500 800MB 920MB 14 Days 57 *127*57#
N1,000 Plan 1000 1.6GB 1.8GB 30 Days 53 *127*53#
N2000 Plan 2000 3.65GB 4.5GB 30 Days 55 *127*55#
N2,500 Plan 2500 5.75GB 7.2GB 30 Days 58 *127*58#
N3,000 Plan 3000 7GB 8.75GB 30 Days 54 *127*54#
N4,000 Plan 4000 10GB 12.5GB 30 Days 59 *127*59#
N5,000 Plan 5000 12.5GB 15.6GB 30 Days 11 *127*2#
N8,000 Plan 8000 20GB 25GB 30 Days 12 *127*1#
N10,000 Plan 10000 26GB 32.5GB 30 Days 15 *127*11#
N15,000 Plan 15000 42GB 52.5GB 30 Days 16 *127*12#
N18,000 Plan 18000 50GB 62.5GB 30 Days 17 *127*13#
N20,000 Plan 20000 63GB 78.75GB 30 Days 33 *127*33#


Glo Data Plan -Special Plans

Globacom tag these plans special plans, and no doubt they are really special. There is the G-Leisure and G-Work plans, TGIF plan that gives you a whole 3GB for N500; The Night Plan of N200 for 1GB. Check out all the Glo special data plans below:

Glo 1.25GB For N200

Data Plan Price (₦) Data Volume Validity SMS To 127 USSD Code
TGIF – N500 Weekend Plan 500 3GB 7 days (Weekend – Saturday 12 am – Sunday 11.59pm) 61 *127*61#
N200 Night Plan 200 1GB 1 day (12am – 5am) 60 *127*60#
G 100 6000 4GB 100 Hrs or 30 days 20 *127*5#
G 300 15000 12GB 300 Hrs or 3 Months 21 *127*4#
G-Leisure 5000 12GB 8PM to 9AM – Weekdays + All day on Weekends 30 *127*7#
G-Work 6000 12GB 8 AM to 9 PM 31 *127*6#
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Glo Campus Data Booster

Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER is a FIRST of its kind that offers up to 10 times the value of your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost or charges. For example, a N100 data plan gives you N1000 worth of data on campus plus free talktime.

In a bid make data plans more affordable for student, Glo decided introduce special data plans for them. In this section, subscribers of these plans gets free data, but they may not work properly off campus. Check them out below:

Data Plan Price (₦) Off-Campus On-Campus Glo To Glo Airtime Bonus Free Data For Gifting USSD Code
100MB N100 100MB 225MB N100 25MB 2 days
200MB N200 200MB 450MB N200 50MB 4 days
500MB N500 500MB 1.12GB N500 125MB 7days
1GB N1000 1GB 2.25GB N1000 250MB 15 days
2GB N2000 2GB 4.5GB N2000 500MB 30 days
5GB N5000 5GB 11.2GB N5000 1250MB 30 days


These Plans are available on Nigerian campuses nationwide, including Police, Customs and Immigration training institutes.

To buy Subscribe to any of these plans, simply dial *777# and select a Campus Booster Plan.

Kindly share your thoughts and experience with Glo Data Plan in the comment below.



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