Huawei recently officially launched its Petal Search search engine. The company, which has been under American sanctions since last year, has moved on and as since been developing its alternatives to Google services. The search engine is now available for download from the AppGallery.

With Petal Search, users are not limited to the search for the necessary information, they can as well view news, weather forecasts, videos, listen to music, book hotel rooms and download applications. In addition, Huawei promises to continue with the expansion of the service in terms of functionality.

The Chinese tech giant has been developing this service for over a year. During the tests, the search service was called Huawei Search, and the system itself was tested since February 2020. Now, a stable version of Petal Search has appeared for download in the Huawei online store.

Huawei Launches Its Google Search Alternative

Huawei Launches Petal Search

Petal Search makes it easy to find applications from third-party sources, and then download and install the APK. If the application is available in the AppGallery, then the user will get a redirection to the company’s store. And if not, they will be sent to a third-party platform, such as APKPure, for download and installation. While the range of AppGallery has limitations, and of course, it is still impossible to install Facebook, Instagram and other popular American services there.

Huawei Launches Petal Search


Petal Search is available in the AppGallery in the category that combines several services. The new application and its functions may not yet be available in all countries until now.

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Earlier in May, some reports said that Google asked the US government for permission to resume cooperation with Huawei. But the government did not respond to the request.




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