As we can see, YouTube is constantly growing. It is not only a social streaming platform with funny videos, but a huge website on which you can find everything – from educational clips to scientific materials and entertainment in the broad sense. With each subsequent month, Google announces new solutions that its believes are expected to offer more convenience when using the website. This time, an internal search engine will arrive, helping to find interesting videos. Only, soon, in addition to video, it will also display search results from the traditional text search engine Google.

According to one of the Reddit users, the Android version of YouTube has started displaying search results from the traditional Google search engine in the search section. After entering a specific phrase in the search bar, under the video suggestions, the most accurate Google search result is presented along with the option to go to the full list in an external Google browser or application.

Google is combining its search engine with YouTube. This time they serve us a search engine displaying traditional results that point to external sites.

Google Want To Start Displaying Its Search Engine Results In YouTube

Google displaying search result on YouTubeThis change was met with quite critical feedback from commentators. They think the company wants to litter YouTube even more with sponsored material. It is also possible to say that the first search result does not always meet the expectations, and in the case of the YouTube application users are looking primarily for video materials, not a textual answer to the query.

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The only question is whether Google plans to implement this functionality on a large scale. Or whether it is only testing new solutions on a fairly narrow group of users. Would you like to see results from Google in YouTube search engine? I honestly admit that it is an unnecessary function for me. If I’m looking for something on a video site, I don’t need suggestions to get out of the YouTube app. If I wanted to look for something different, I would use the existing solutions.

There’s no point in displaying results from a traditional search engine, my opinion though. So combining videos with search results does not quite appeal to me. So I hope that these are only tests and ultimately this solution will not be introduced for everyone.




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