Google Play Store To Show The Gameplay Before Downloading A Game

We may start seeing more of YouTube contents directly in the Google Play Store in the nearest future as the company will be making more space for other contents in the popular store.

Google is again tweaking its own apps, the first interesting innovations are already visible to some users. This includes the now more compact weather view in the Google app. More specifically, it is about showing the current weather as a small pill on the top left. It would probably be enough for most users. The space on the left above the Google logo is currently unoccupied anyway.

For this display, the previously shown weather map, which was always shown directly below the search bar, disappears. Thus, a card automatically slides up, which shows you personalized content. Discover also slides further up, bringing potentially interesting content closer to the user.

Google Play Store To Show The Gameplay Before Downloading A Game


Google is mixing the advantages of its platforms more and more. YouTube videos in the Google search, in the YouTube search there are search results from the web search and in the Play Store, we will see more YouTube videos in the future. Gameplay videos will appear for users directly on individual game pages. In the first example we have PUBG. Now, users can see the gameplay video of the games before downloading it.

“Watch others play” is the original function. It shows several gameplay videos of other users, so you can get the original impression of the respective game. It is currently not yet possible to predict when this new feature will be made available to everyone.


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