Google Lens received new features back in March, and that included an offline translation and an Education mode. Now, a recent tip has suggested that Lens will have the ability solve math problems when the smartphone’s camera is pointed to an equation in addition to a new “Places” mode that aids users in recognizing famous buildings. 

It was the folks at he XDA, that spotted the new Education and the Places modes during the latest roll-out of the Google Lens app.

New Education mode

By enabling the new Education mode, users can point their smartphone’s camera app to an equation and Google solves them. It makes use of Google’s AI to analyse the problems and display the solution. This functionality is similar to Microsoft’s Math solver.

Furthermore, this feature also brings related searches from the web and shows the users how it reached the solution. However, there is no info about the current mode’s additional features and whether it will solve complex equations like the Microsoft’s Math solver application, in the future.This feature resembles a similar functionality like Microsoft’s Math solver.


There is also another mode called Places. Apparently, this mode lets users recognize known buildings or famous landmarks by pointing the smartphone’s camera at them. However, the feature didn’t seem to work when tried with images of buildings from the phone. The real-world live recognition of the buildings is something that has to be tested for effectiveness


However, we are not sure if the recognition of landmark images feature will be added to the mode. That being said, there is no information from Google regarding the features and release date of these modes to the public.

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