There are some people that are naturally good in picking up new languages easily while some don’t have that talent. So for those who don’t, there’s a new features Google added to Lens to help you out. The app can help you practice your pronunciation – just scan some text with the camera and hit “Listen”. This works with single words and even full paragraphs.

There are sometimes we encounter things we don’t understand, even if they are in plain English or the language you understand best. Now you can select a word or concept and do a Google search with a single tap. As usual, this brings up helpful results from Wikipedia and other sites, videos too.

If you’re the type to take handwritten notes, you can easily transfer them to your computer. Google Lens has been able to do handwriting recognition for a while now, but the new version lets you “copy to computer”, which will transfer the text from your phone to any signed-in Chrome browser you have open.

The new features are now available in the Google Lens app for Android. The iOS version will have to wait a bit for the Listen function, but the other two features are available now.



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