Google is about to make things more organized for users of its popular web browser in the Chrome tabs section, thanks to a new feature. As from next week, uses will be able to arrange its tabs in groups and thus gain in ease of navigation and clarity.

Google Chrome To Allow You Organize Your Tabs Better

Google Chrome will be launching a new and very useful feature next week. Lovers of organized tabs will be happy about it. The browser is developing a functionality that allows you to group its tabs into folders and display them at the top of the page. Nothing could be simpler to create these tab groups.

How To Create A New Group

  • Just right click and create a new group as you can see in the GIF below.
Google Chrome tab groups help you organize your tabs.
Google Chrome tab groups help you organize your tabs.

You can then name them and give them a color to identify them quickly. For work, you can, for example, choose the color blue and red for the personal tabs. The firm also explains that some prefer to arrange their tabs in order of priority and by category. It will also be possible to add emojis to clearly identify the categories.

Group your tabs by topic, urgency, progress, etc
Group your tabs by topic, urgency, progress, etc

This feature has been under test for several months now, but will finally be available to the general public. Google announced that it will start deploying the feature from next week on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. Those who want to take advantage of it before this date can always download the Chrome Beta version, which allows them to take advantage of the new features in advance.

The arrival of this new functionality is timely since the use of telework has never been so high. To help these users, Google has stepped up initiatives, starting with the global deployment of Google Meet. If it was once reserved for professionals, the video conferencing application is now accessible to all. From their Gmail account, everyone can start or join a meeting. Doing Video Conference calls has never been that easy.

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