Facebook announced the complete overhauling its new UI at the Facebook Developer Conference F8  last year. Now, the social media giant has finally introduce the changes to its website globally. The new, that was recently introduced, is much faster, and easier to use with additional features.

Facebook’s new UI brings in a lot of changes. Its New Streamlined navigation helps you find what you are looking for. Earlier, it was a bit laggy and not easy to find videos, group links and returning to the Home page was a nightmare with heavy transition effects on pages. Now, the UI of the desktop version seems to be simple and similar to its mobile experience.

New Facebook

The New Dark Mode In Facebook Website

Among the lot, the new Dark Mode is the star of the show. The new adaptive Dark Mode comes with a few tweaks from its test version. The new feature adds a lower brightness mode along with more contrast and a vibrant screen.

Furthermore, screen glare on low light scenarios has also been taken care of here, irrespective of your surroundings. Facebook hopes the new Dark Mode will ensure a pleasant experience for the users while watching contents like videos.

Revamped Features

Apart from this, users can now create Pages, Events, Groups more easily on the website. They can also place their Ads for their businesses, brands, and raise funds in a more intuitive way. Further, the revamped Market Place now allows users to sell their products among the communities in a simpler way. The new Preview mode allows users to preview their Group in real time even before creating it to see how it looks on mobile and Tablets.

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Overall, the new facebook website is intended to be minimalistic, simple and easier to use, with the most requested features that users know and love. Users can give feedback about their experience by going to Settings Menu > Feedback to share their thoughts. Facebook has even promised that it will keep improving this further in the future.

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