Though more Coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits are needed in the country, Canada will restrict the use of its own product. Health Canada announced that it will restrict the use of a new coronavirus pneumonia rapid test box called “Spartan Cube”.

The Canadian National Biological Laboratory determines that the test results of this product are unreliable. So this product can only be used for research until sufficient clinical data is obtained to prove that the test results are accurate.

Spartan Cube by Canada for COVID-19 Test

Such a statement is considered to prohibit the use of this product among the public as a tool for the detection of new coronavirus pneumonia.

The federal agency said in an emailed statement sent to CBC, after the story was first reported by Le Journal de Montreal that;

“In light of the clinical results, Health Canada has placed conditions on the company’s authorization to restrict the use of the product to research use only until adequate evidence of clinical performance can be provided.”

The rapid detection kit for the new coronavirus pneumonia is named “Spartan Cube”. It was developed by a company called “Spartan Biosciences” in Ottawa. It can detect the new coronavirus within 60 minutes. Due to the urgent need for a new coronavirus pneumonia test kit, this product was made in Canada.


Spartan Cube by Canada for COVID-19 Test

Driven by some mainstream Canadian media, Health Canada rushed to approve its listing on April 13 without rigorous testing. At that time, the Canadian media had widely reported that it became a star product for a while. In fact, before this, Canada has been hoping to begin testing 60,000 people for the virus daily.

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