YouTube To Remove Videos Linking 5G To Covid-19

Recently, conspiracy theories linking 5G to the coronavirus became so strong and are in fact widely shared around the world. It even got to the stage where cell towers were set on fire in the UK, – cities of Liverpool and Birmingham. There are investigations going on to track down the origin, but these incidents occur in an explosive context.  Apart from fires, other concrete consequences have been observed and even engineers working on 5G projects have received life threats.

In this light, Oliver Dowden, the British Minister of Culture, has announced that he will talk to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in an attempt to have this conspiracy content removed.

youtube on 5g and covid

Social Medias Mobilizing Against Misinformation

The message was well received by YouTube, which announced a series of measures on this subject. Videos establishing a direct link between the new technology and the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic will be directly removed on the platform. YouTube also plans to limit their recommendation, demonetize them, and remove them from search results.

We await to see the implementation of these measures but they should hinder the dissemination of this harmful disinformation on the platform. Since the beginning of the pandemic, fake news has multiplied on social networks forcing them to react. Some publications are now systematically deleted. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have taken the initiative already to fight against this misleading information.

Also, Coronavirus is a serious problem when we talk about cybersecurity. Email spammers used COVID-19 to convince people to download malicious attachments. Other fraudsters have set up tens of thousands of websites with pandemic domain names.

There are also applications and programs that attack computers and smartphones. We also can’t forget about fraudulent SMSs. The hackers try to take advantage of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. They are launching phishing attacks and creating malware on this theme. So take caution.

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