YouTube Music has been rolling out a series of updates ahead of the planned replacement of Google Play Music. The latest changes was claimed to have first been spotted by Reddit user, u/Rocketfin. The latest update comes with a new library organization system that changes the way the application handles subscriptions to artistes and musicians, making it much easier for users to find specific artistes or tracks.

YouTube Music Update Brings New ‘Subscriptions’ Tab

As seen in the screenshots below, the upcoming update added a ‘Subscriptions’ section within the ‘Library’ tab, showing all artistes, tracks and albums an user has subscribed to.

YouTube Music Gets New ‘Subscriptions’ Tab and More

But, while the ‘Artistes’ tab in earlier versions only showed bands and musicians that an user had manually subscribed to, the updated version now automatically adds any artiste whose album or song is added to the library. Do note that the Subscription tab will still only show the names of artistes that one has manually subscribed to, so users who like the older arrangement need not despair.

Also, the way the ‘Songs’ section works has changed in the latest version. In the earlier version, it only showed tracks that were manually added to the library, but now it automatically adds all songs from any album that has been added to the library by the user.

YouTube Music Gets New ‘Subscriptions’ Tab and More


It will be interesting to see how the final change, especially, is received by users, given that liking an album doesn’t necessarily mean you have to love every single track on that album. Either way, the changes have just started rolling out, so it might take a while for it to be available for everyone.

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