Instagram Live has become an essential means for a lot of people to broadcast their daily lives or just have a casual talk with their followers. In fact, It has now gain more popularity amidst the COVID-19-related lockdown. And now, it has now become even better because it’s no longer a must to bring out your phone to watch a live stream. You now have the ability to watch any Instagram Live broadcast in a browser window on your desktop.

Instagram Live Streams Can Now Be Watched Via A Browser

This feature was first spotted over the weekend as some users started seeing the ‘Live’ badge next to user profiles in the ‘Stories’ section on the right of the main feed. You can see the screenshot attached below to get a better idea. To watch a stream, simply tap on the profile name to jump into the broadcast right away.

You Can Now Watch Instagram Live Streams On The Desktop
Image Credit: Engadget

Features Of Instagram Live On The Web

As seen in the screenshot below, there’s one minor difference in the UI and that will be welcomed by many. No On-screen comment scrolling: The comments don’t scroll over and cover the live streams anymore. You don’t need to turn it off since it’s not bothersome, just like YouTube. Instead, Instagram has made full use of the immense space on its website. It now shows comments separately – next to the stream.

You Can Now Watch Instagram Live Streams On The Web.

Also, the screenshot reveals that live streams on the web support two-person streams as well. You can only view the Instagram Live on the web and not request to be a part of it. A lot of other features are not here as well. But, it does make it easier for users to tune it to the myriad of streams during lockdown from their browsers.

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This feature addition comes only a couple of days after Instagram DMs became widely available to all on the web. Now, this means you can not only text your friends but also see their live streams on the Instagram website. Is this a feature you’ve been waiting for? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.




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